After linking Micius satellite with several cosmopolitan quantum networks, China is successful in distributing the images and videos obtained from the satellite to Austria. Quantum communication is possible between sender and the receiver located only few hundred kilometers apart. But, China has done an overwhelming task by transmitting the packets of light thousands of kilometers apart.

Quantum key distribution (QKD) is designed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional public key cryptography. Traditional public key cryptography prevents certain information to be shared between sender and receiver. But QKD, on the other hand, generates unconditional protection between the both for safe data transfer.

Data and channel loss while transmitting has reduced to a greater extent with the help of QKD. Chinese Professor Pan Jian-Wei, along with his teammates developed a satellite named as Micuis, that typically worked only on quantum trials and research.

Nanshan, Ngari, Lijiang, Xinglong, and Delingha are the five space stations in China that spy and look after Micius movements and discoveries. It was launched in 2016 rotating at an altitude of 500 km above the Earth’s surface.

Latest study done on the Micius satellite reveals information can be safely transmitted by between China and European countries situated within the distance of 7,600 km by generating a secret key. To test if this works correctly according to the predictions made scientists transmitted some images from Beijing to Vienna and vice versa over the orbit-based link.

Surprisingly, the images were successfully delivered without any loss of data and channel. Austria Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences held a 75 minutes’ video conference where they discussed Advanced Encryption Standard protocol when around 2 gigabytes of data was transferred between the two countries.

Results of this study are published in the scientific journal of Physical Review Letters by American Physical Society.

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