Consumption of Asparagus can increase the risk of breast cancer in women, the recent study claims. The more dangerous thing about this type of cancer is it goes on spreading to other body parts. Amino acids are the building blocks of the cell. But, these asparagine proteins found in asparagus can prove deadly.

Breast cancer tissues do not emerge suddenly but are the result of dangerous benign tumors already present in the body that slowly turn malignant. Tumour cells make use of asparagine to gain and retain migratory properties. Asparagus contains a large amount of asparagine.

Scientists from Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute said, “Injecting an anti-drug known as L-asparaginase would render down production of asparagine thus avoiding the risk of breast cancer to spread towards other parts.”

This approach can be used to treat patients who rarely respond to chemotherapy or other breast cancer treatments. Researchers haven’t conducted any tests on humans. But, since, rats show improved and positive results, the drug or asparagine controlled diet can help in killing dangerous breast cancer tissue cells without conducting a surgery.

Asparagine synthesase (ASNS) technique was used to modify genes in mice.
The research findings have given valuable information to all the cancer patients of how proper dietary plans can help them avoid the spread of cancerous tissues to other body parts. Metastasis (development and growth of secondary malignant tissues from the primary cancerous cell) rate was reduced significantly.

Apart from asparagus, there are several other sources of asparagine such as shellfish, soy products, poultry products. Hence, individuals who are already detected with breast cancer should strictly avoid intake of these products as it may lead to spreading of cancerous tissues.

Humans have a tendency to produce asparagine. Tumour cells rely on human-generated asparagine to travel to other healthy locations. L-asparagine thus helps in cutting down the usage of asparagine by tumor cells and avoid the spread of cancer.

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